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April 2016
A number of updates and fixes were put in place for the Online - Go Guess page and the Online - GoTools Java Applet itself.

April 2016
The semeai paper got finally published in the ICGA Journal.

Work concentrated on the analysis of more complex seki positions using graph theory (for preprits andtalk slides see publications).

Work shifted to the mathematical analysis of semeai positions with approach moves and the classification of basic seki positions.

May 2011
A new online game in collaboration with and completed by Viktor Stremler allows to guess moves in professional games and rank the users (see Online).

March 2011
After 13 referee reports the preprint "A Dynamical Systems Approach for Static Evaluation in Go" was accepted for 'IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games' and published shortly afterwards (see Publications).

Sep 2010-Feb 2011
Yutae Seo, Korean 7D and first class insei visits Canada and collaborates on a number of projects with T Wolf at Brock University. One is the selection of 200 from 10,000 computer generated life and dead problems, the checking and improvement of solution sequences, their renewed check with computer and the arrangement in two book manuscripts (see Publications).

March 2010
A preprint "A Dynamical Systems Approach for Static Evaluation in Go" has been completed.

September 2009
A paper about "Positions in the Game of Go as Complex Systems" has been completed and presented at the international engineering conference IEEE TIC-STH 2009 in Toronto.

April 2009
The computer Go project is completed and reported on in a workshop.

September 2008
A 6 month collaboration with a group at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) on computer Go has started.

June 2008
The book "Mastering Ladders" appeared at Slate & Shell.

Oct. 2007
The paper with Lei Shen on ScanLD appeared in the ICGA Journal.

July 2007
The short 'overview' article mentioned below has appeared in a special issue of the Journal of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence on the occasion of the European Go Championship in July in Vienna.

June 2007
The first paper with Lei Shen mentioned below has been presented at the Computer Games Workshop 2007 which was held 15-17 June in Amsterdam alongside the 15th World Computer-Chess Championship, and the 12th Computer Olympiad. Some pictures are shown in the gallery

May 2007
Together with Lei Shen two articles have been completed. In one the program ScanLD is described which is based on GoTools. It checks life and death problems together with their solutions for errors. In the other paper the program is applied to a book with 500 problems and all found bugs are discussed. A shorter overview better suited for Go players, not programmers, is also available.

April 14, 2007
Thanks to Kristina Bosch (Apithonor on KGS & IGS) the applet has now a Romanian translation (see Online/GoTools Java Applet or click the Romanian flag).